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About the Company


The company was founded in March 1990 and it was registered in the Commercial register in August 1990.

The subject of business at the beginning was production of spare parts and cooperative work for then state-ownership and newly emerging companies. During the year 1992 due to demands of newly emerged firms we started to deal with production of dedicated devices.
For example:

  • Functional model of aerator of sewage plant - the machinery was designed for advertising purpose as a demonstration of microaerating. Fig.1
  • Stainless section-bending machine – equipment for bending omega section profiles rolled strip with a thickness of 0,5mm thickness and 90mm width.
    The rail-shaped section is best into R 450 mm at any part of a 6,000 mm long rod.
    Fig. 2, Fig. 3

  • Seven-spindle wood milling machine – equipment for milling 7 bends R 45mm to lath 60 x 16 - 1000mm in the performance of 60laths/min. Fig. 4, Fig. 5

Within the framework of the development there have been three functional prototypes made and one model of Stirling engine (Piston - a closed-cycle regenerative hot air engine that changes external heat from burning of biomass and gasses directly, amends mechanical work.) The construction is covered with three utility models. The next development has been stopped for high financial expenses.

Stirlingův motor Stirlingův motor


In 2003 the company moved into new premises and the current manufacturing programme introduces particularly serial production of cutting and cooling jets for both domestic and foreign metallurgic companies.
Funkční model provzdušňovacího systému čističky odpadních vod

Ohýbačka nerez profilů

Ohýbačka nerez profilů

Sedmivřetenová dřevoobráběcí frézka

Sedmivřetenová dřevoobráběcí frézka

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